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paket wisata lombok - In Lombok, there are many tourist attractions - a wonderful tour, because it's famous chili with a thousand islands and a thousand mosques. Not only beautiful beaches, there is also a waterfall, nature, heritage places antiquity, hills and gununggunung. Anyway depleted ga lah bro nature of this Lombok sist. There are many tour packages also depends on us pintar2 milihnya wrote, wants the package Lombok travel cheap? Come visit Lombok travel package, cie all promotional Iyah: p Lombok Island is famous for its natural beauty of the exotic and fascinating. tour lombok Lombok Island not only has a 3 island dyke. In addition to Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. Lombok island still has some equally beautiful dyke. One only Gili Kondo located east of the island of Lombok. Gili Kondo is one of 33 islands dyke located on the east side of Lombok and is in connecting the Alas Strait between the islands of Lombok and Sumbawa Island. Gili Kondo is a small uninhabited island, there is no cuman run inn is only for tourists who stay overnight. This dyke maintenance as well as the conservation of coral reefs. paket wisata lombok This dyke island presenting the beauty that is very dear to in missed. Most of the island is composed of white sand, in the middle there are trees and coutage - coutage overnight lodging for travelers. Vast expanse of white sand and sea water color gradations the farther the more blue indicates older stage - the stage of crystal clear sea water depth. The island is very clean because it is guarded by a guard keasriannya island. Close to the island of Gili Kondo there are existing vessels during low tide.paket tour lombok When it is located on the beach and facing westward, you will see the splendor of the island of Lombok and Mount Rinjani high mnejulang. Will add beautiful as a sunset behind Mount Rinjani. On the east as far as the eye can see will find a cluster of Sumbawa Besar Small and charming. And to the north there is Gili Gili Bidara Bedagan and beautiful and white sand. mutiara lombok Even at low tide, visitors can walk to the Gili Bidara the distance is only about 500 meters. Only a depth of about 1 to 2 meters sduah can be found coral reefs and shoals of fish that play among the corals. If still not satisfied bersnorkling in coastal areas, could also hire a boat to look for a more stunning snorkeling spot. There are many snorkeling spot in Gili Kondo and reportedly there are 12-20 snorkeling spot that should be enjoyed for its natural beauty. In addition to snorkeling, to enjoy the beauty of the island of Gili Kondo be hoping. harga mutiara Namely by walking down the coastline up to 1 km wide island is. Sunset in Gili Kondo will give sight we rarely see, as if drawn by a stout afternoon sun Mount Rinjani. When in Gili Kondo, seemed to stay on a private island for a vacation day if not during this dyke no visitors. Gili Kondo is the perfect place to enjoy the holidays with loved ones, or just for fun with family and friends you are. Access Gili is located in the Alas Strait that separates the island of Lombok and Sumbawa can be reached by crossing by boat from Sambelia with a distance of about 20-30 minutes. From Mataram to Sambelia, the trip will be taken about 2-2.5 hours ..paket wisata lombok Related article: Lombok property

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