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Lombok Tour Packages

Lombok Tour Packages No one doubted how wonderful Package Lombok, a view you can see when sunrise or at sunset. Visit some interesting places in Lombok will take you on your tour memorable. If you like to surf, try try out the waves in Lombok. You will find a fierce waves of adrenalin. Here are some places Lombok Tour Packages which are widely and You should visit: • Tanjung Aan - paket wisata lombok Not far from Kuta beach, there is a more beautiful beach called Tanjung Aan. Pelafalannya way simply by "Cape An" only. One of the privileges Tanjung Aan is a type of sand, there is smooth and there are rough like pepper. In addition to beautiful beaches and deserted, left at the end of the beach there is also a stone Unique is often called the Stone Umbrella. Umbrella Stone Named because it resembles an umbrella when viewed from a certain angle. Because of its beauty, this stone is often used as a pre-wedding photo shoot location and location filming. Unfortunately, you have to be prepared with a less comfortable journey to get to this beach. • Beach Mawun - tour lombok Beach which sits in its Central Lombok is also one of the beaches that have a heavy field. You have to ride down the hill to get to Mawun. But your journey was not in vain upon arrival. His position is flanked by hills make this beach has small waves that provide a sense of peace. Moreover, not many people visit this beach adds to the peace while there. • Beach Selong Belanak - paket wisata lombok Selong Belanak is one of the tourist spots are already widely known chili foreign tourists. The sand is fine to be a plus in Turkish Selong Belanak. Compared to the previous pantaipantai, in Selong Belanak you can find several stalls, vending snacks, public facilities and even accommodation penginapan.Jika you have more budget, stay in Sempiah Villa is located on a hilltop. The scenery here is amazing, perfect for those who are on a honeymoon. • Pink Beach - paket tour lombok Beach whose real name is indeed barracks Beach has beautiful scenery and unique. Uniquely because the sand on the beach is somewhat reddish, so often dubbed the pink beach. In addition to the unique sand, beach Pink is also surrounded by rock cliffs that add to its beauty. Underwater scenery also should be explored by snorkeling. No need to fear because the waves on the beach Pink fairly quiet. Those are some beautiful beaches in Lombok which should not be missed while you vacation to the island of Lombok. Oh yes, I deliberately did not include sengggigi beach because it was too mainstream. • Cape Bloam - harga mutiara Lombok Tour Packages which one is located on west Lombok district, not less beautiful at the beaches in Bali. The beach is not popular yet still rich in Kuta beach in Bali. So we can be sure beach with white sand and amazing natural scenery is still very natural. Crystal clear water at the beach and still awake makes the coast of Cape Bloam highly recommended for you to visit. Access roads to tourist attractions in Lombok is still fairly difficult, now that one of the causes of the coast so that one is rarely visited by the traveler. If you are a traveler True, Cape Bloam should be mandatory list kunjugan next destination. Although quite difficult to travel to the location, but will be paid equally beautiful natural scenery really. paket wisata lombok Related article: Lombok property

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